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Meet the founders and discover the inspiration behind Insa designs.

October 2016

 The Inspiration

The Lion and Lamb – the birthplace and inspiration for Insa Designs, the place where the concept was first conceived, amongst close friends. The local pub is to many a church where every weekend we find high quality music, connections and magic. It embodies the same values that Insa Designs believe in, creating a world where the complications and differences off the world melt away into a platform with commune grounds. We know it is unique and love every second.


Jan 2018



The Founder


Aurelia Insa Lang, founder of Insa Designs, came to London in 2011 to finish a degree in Sociology and International Development.


Music has always been a big part (y) in her life. The underground electronic music scene in East London is where she discovered a new sound and a culture. Her background in sociology meant that she saw and became captivated by the way this world and its music brings people together, melting away the differences that exist outside.


Always having creative tendencies but having lost a way to realise them, it was whilst working at the Lion and Lamb that she was finally inspired again.


Since then Aurelia and Insa Designs have been collaborating with other creatives in the East London scene, embodying the music and culture of coming together that continues to hold such a special place in her life.




The Jack

The lion and lamb is located in a old, now heavily soundproofed pub in the heart of Hoxton. The venue’s ceiling houses a unique installation: a symbolic wave of jacks sweeping over the dance floor. The first jack necklaces where made as gifts for invited artists and close friends of the plub (pub/ club).

Insa Designs is gathering a collection of different jack designs varying from size, style, colour and materials. Currently we have two jacks to choose from. The classical gold and silver version.  

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